A Russian economic official is under investigation for corruption and several imported cars were seized.

According to Russian media reports, earlier last week, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation took away a senior official from the Department of Economic Development in Stavropol Krai. He was arrested on suspicion of corruption and a large number of stolen goods were found in his home. These included an LIAUTO L7, a LanTu Dreamer, and a 98-inch Xiaomi TV.

A video released by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation shows the former official’s palatial residence. Here, investigators found a large number of stolen goods, including various luxuries, a large amount of cash, and weapons. In the video, a large cardboard box can also be seen in the living room of the villa, with the Xiaomi logo being very prominent. From the packaging, it should be a 98-inch Redmi MAX TV. It is sold for 19,999 RMB on the official flagship store of Taobao in China, but it is currently out of stock.

It is worth noting that in the garage of his residence, in addition to a local Russian Lada, there are mostly luxury brands such as Bentley and Mercedes-Benz. At the same time, two Chinese electric vehicles also appeared in the garage, namely the LIAUTO L7 and the LanTu Dreamer. These two cars both use extended-range plug-in hybrid technology, which is a more economical and friendly option for other pure electric vehicle technologies.

However, in July last year, Li Xiang, CEO of LIAUTO , said on Weibo that before 2025, LIAUTO will not enter the overseas market. Therefore, this LIAUTO that appears in the overseas market is a private parallel export. Currently, in the northeastern region of this country,
some businessmen are engaged in the private export business of electric vehicles. According to Russian media reports, the starting price of the LIAUTO L7 model in the Russian auto market is 5.2 million rubles, or about 460,000 yuan. And the LIAUTO L9 in Russia, at its highest price, costs around 1 million yuan. In Russia, there are professionals who brush Russian maps and Russian in-car systems for these LIAUTO, and an industry has been formed. These businessmen earn considerable profits.

In 2023, China surpassed Japan for the first time and became the largest automobile exporting country in China. Among them, the Russian market accounts for the largest share among the importing countries of Chinese automobiles.

In 2022, the sales of Chinese automobiles exported to Russia were only 160,000; in 2023, this number became 909,000, which is a fivefold increase. In addition to the local cheap civil vehicle brand Lada still standing firm, the top 2-6 auto sales brands in Russia are all Chinese enterprises, with annual sales increases of more than 200%. The greatest increase is Changan. Compared with 2022, Changan’s auto sales in Russia increased from 2,550 in 2003 to 47,765, an increase of 1,773.1%. Chinese automobiles have become the main force in the Russian auto market.

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