China: Measures to restrict Chinese electric vehicles will disrupt the global industrial chain.

Regarding the US government’s plan to investigate electric vehicles manufactured in China and the EU’s requirement that customs register electric vehicles imported from China, a relevant person in charge of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology accepted an interview with local media and stated that the Chinese side has noticed that in some countries and regions internationally, under the lack of sufficient evidence to support it, they insist on promoting and implementing trade restriction measures on Chinese electric vehicles. This not only does not comply with the WTO international trade rules, but will also seriously disrupt the global automotive industry chain and supply chain and damage the interests of global consumers.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out that the automotive industry is a typical globalized industry, and its healthy development cannot be separated from the division of labor and cooperation in the global industry chain. The measures to restrict Chinese electric vehicles are not only not conducive to the development of the global automotive industry, but also will delay the process of its own electrification transformation.

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