Musk announced that Tesla will lay off 10% of its global staff.

Tesla’s sales may experience major changes. Tesla founder Musk issued an all-staff email this afternoon (15th) to lay off 10% of employees worldwide.

Tesla cut about 10% of job opportunities in 2022. Musk once sent a mail to the company’s senior management to suspend all global recruitment, stating that based on the pessimistic economic outlook, Tesla needs to cut about 10% of job positions while increasing the number of hourly workers. In a subsequent email, Musk further revealed that the layoff does not apply to any employees who actually produce cars, battery packs, or install solar products.

In February this year, Tesla’s senior management were reportedly asked to identify the “most important roles” in the team, and the company also postponed the performance evaluation of some employees. According to three sources, the above work was later “rearranged”.

In recent years, Tesla’s recruitment rate has slowed down: in 2022, Tesla added 29,000 new employees, which has dropped to 12,000 in 2023.

The media quoted Tesla employees as saying that the company will carry out a round of large-scale layoffs local time on Sunday, involving up to 20% of employees. Seven Tesla engineers from Austin, Fremont and other places even said that the Tesla office has already spread the news that “the layoff is about to begin”.

Tesla released the production and sales data for the first quarter of 2024 at the beginning of this month: a total of 386,810 vehicles were delivered, a year-on-year plunge of 8.5%.

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