NIO and JiYue achieve interconnection of charging networks

The automotive brand “JiYue” jointly developed by Geely Holding and Baidu announced that it has officially reached a charging network interconnection and interoperability cooperation with NIO’s NIO Power. The two parties will jointly create a more convenient and efficient new charging network to help users’ charging experience to advance again and inject new momentum into the popularization of smart cars.

According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out cooperation in multiple aspects such as charging network layout, charging services, and related technologies to achieve interconnection of the charging system, give full play to their respective advantages in resources, technology, and brands, and jointly create a more ultimate charging and refueling service experience for users.

Jiyue will gradually access charging stations within the scope of NIO Power nationwide that can be opened for access, covering multiple high-frequency scenarios such as highways, communities, office areas, business districts, scenic spots, and hotels, as well as popular tourist routes in Xinjiang, Northeast China, and several remote routes.

In the future, while achieving interconnection, the two sides will also carry out more innovative collaborations in the field of energy, including joint exploration in multiple aspects such as battery swap technology, charging station operation, and maintenance, forming a complementary advantage.

Up to now, NIO has built 3,747 charging stations and 21,800 charging piles across the country, covering 312 cities nationwide, and is the automotive brand with the largest number of charging piles built nationwide. As for Jiyue, it has connected more than 350,000 DC charging piles, covering more than 330 cities across the country.

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