XiaoMi Auto denies that the final confirmed order for XIAOMI SU7 is only 20,000.

According to media reports, it was learned from within XiaoMi Auto that as of 3:00 p.m. on March 30, the number of locked orders for XiaoMi SU7 reached 20,000 (the number of non-refundable orders).

On April 1, in response to the online rumor that XiaoMi Auto’s lock order volume reached 20,000, Xu Jieyun, the special assistant to the chairman of XiaoMi Group and the deputy general manager of the marketing department in China, posted on Weibo, “I can only say that this and that number is wrong.”

First of all, based on the previous incident, 20,000 locked orders does not mean that all of them will pick up the car. Many consumers have reported that they do not support the refund of the deposit, because it was a wrong operation to lock the order. Secondly, XiaoMi Group executives refuted the “20,000 lock order volume” as a fake news, so whether it is higher than 20,000 or lower than 20,000, it is currently higher than 20,000 based on the existing information.

On March 31, XiaoMi Auto officially announced that it will open the second round of additional sales of the founding edition. The official said that the reason for the additional sales is that during the process of ordering the founding edition of XiaoMi SU7, some abnormal orders and scalper orders were identified and intercepted. At the same time, it was pointed out that no new rounds of ordering will be opened in the future. The XiaoMi SU7 founding edition in this round of additional sales is the same as the previous one. The deposit is still 20,000 yuan, and the order will be locked after the deposit is placed. Users who have placed a deposit for the non-founding edition can also participate in this round of sales. After successfully placing an order, the original order can be converted into the founding edition.

It is understood that XiaoMi SU7 was listed on March 28. The new car is positioned as a pure electric sedan, and three models are launched, with a price range of 215,900-299,900 yuan. The first batch of 5,000 limited founding edition models of XiaoMi SU7 were officially launched, and within less than a minute after the release on the night, the limited founding edition models were snapped up.

Regarding the difference between the limited founding edition models of XiaoMi SU7 and other versions, in fact, the two are the same in price, but the founding edition models add a series of exclusive logos, exclusive gift boxes, limited exclusive numbered nameplates, and Lei Jun signature Bluetooth keys for free, and upgrade the carbon fiber rearview mirrors worth 8,000 yuan. In addition, there are differences in the delivery time. The founding edition models will start to be delivered on April 3, and the other versions will be delivered at the end of April and the end of May.

In addition, AutoTimes saw from a certain second-hand e-commerce platform that many netizens posted demands for the transfer of XiaoMi SU7 orders. Most of the netizens who posted said that their orders were locked and they could only transfer at a loss.

In fact, on the second day after the listing of XiaoMi SU7, there were many complaints about XiaoMi SU7 orders on the Internet. The complaints are basically that the deposit cannot be refunded. In response, the official responded: XiaoMi Auto’s large order can be refunded within 7 days, but there is a premise that the user has not locked the configuration options. However, if the user actively locks the configuration options, once the configuration is locked, the vehicle will enter the production stage, and the configuration cannot be modified again. In this case, the deposit is non-refundable. At the same time, the official also announced that as of 12:00 noon on March 29, the customer service system of XiaoMi Auto received a total of 469 cases of requests for order cancellations and configuration changes.

It is not difficult to see that behind the hot orders of Xiaomi SU7, there are also a series of problems, but the most important problem is undoubtedly the production capacity issue. Lei Jun said earlier: He is particularly worried that Xiaomi SU7 will not be popular once it comes out and no one will buy it. What’s even more worrying is that if everyone comes to buy it, they will definitely be scolded if they have to wait for a year or two. It is shown on the Xiaomi Auto App that the delivery time of Xiaomi Auto SU7 has been extended. The standard version is expected to be delivered in 13 to 16 weeks, and the Max version is expected to be delivered in 24 to 27 weeks.

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