XiaoPeng releases a new brand MONA, hoping to achieve better sales than Xiaomi SU7.

Xpeng Motors releases a new brand MONA and hopes to achieve better sales in the second half of the year than Xiaomi SU7. Xpeng Motors Chairman He Xiaopeng said that Xpeng’s new brand MONA, which has invested 5 billion yuan in R&D fees, the first new car will come soon, and it is hoped to create better sales in the second half of this year than Xiaomi SU7.

He disclosed at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show that MONA will be the price of an A-class car, but it has very good performance, appearance, and AI, and the first car is positioned to be suitable for young people who have just graduated not long ago.

He also said that he believes that this year Xpeng will far exceed all of China’s autonomous driving competitors. Since May, Xpeng’s software and AI upgrades will enter a super-fast cycle, and the ability of the latest large model will be completely trained every two months or so; it is hoped that in the future, everyone will see that Xpeng’s autonomous assisted driving not only does well in China, but also can do well in Europe, Asia, and more countries, and allow everyone to experience the best smart driving in China overseas when traveling abroad. In addition, regarding the sales performance in the first quarter and future sales expectations, He Xiaopeng said that the sales in the first quarter roughly met expectations, achieving an increase of more than 10% year-on-year, and the profit in the first quarter has increased significantly.

In the past, it was thought that scale was the first, but now the idea has changed, and it is necessary to survive the elimination round. On the basis of being a polyhedral warrior, we will then pursue the first in scale. This year, we hope to achieve business matching and give users more experiences of AI capabilities.

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