BYD and Thai Reve Group established an assembly factory in Thailand.

This cooperation focuses on the commercial vehicle field, aiming to enhance the level of the Thai transportation industry, provide transportation, logistics, clean energy, and future technology solutions, and further promote Thailand’s goal of becoming a new energy vehicle country. BYD has been committed to promoting the development of the global new energy vehicle industry. BYD firmly believes that new energy technology is the key to solving environmental problems and achieving sustainable development.

The factory is expected to assemble the internal and external parts of electric vehicles, as well as other large electric vehicles, including buses and trucks. Adopting BYD’s advanced technologies, such as iron phosphate batteries, industrial vehicle batteries, and exclusively patented 6-in-1 motor controllers, to stably control the electrical system. Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD Asia-Pacific Automobile Sales Business Unit, said that Reve Group has shown strong potential in the cooperation and has risen rapidly in the Thai electric vehicle industry market.

Badanwang Pomppapa, CEO of Reve Group, said that BYD’s establishment of a commercial vehicle assembly plant in Thailand is an important opportunity and a milestone for BYD to set up an assembly plant outside China for the first time. This move will create employment opportunities in Thailand, promote economic development, drive the transformation of the large commercial vehicle industry, reduce carbon emissions in the transportation field, and make Thailand the center of all types of electric vehicles in the region.

According to the recent resolution of the meeting of the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee or the Electric Vehicle Committee of Thailand, this cooperation is in line with the strategic direction of the future development of the Thai electric vehicle industry. Reve Group said that they will provide high-quality after-sales services and spare parts support, providing more attractive options for transportation business operators, which helps to reduce fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

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