China donates Hongqi L5 to Malaysia‘s Sudan.

On Friday, when Malaysian head of state Sultan Ibrahim met with Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Ouyang Yujing, he was presented with a new type of Hongqi L5 luxury sedan produced in China and became the world’s first honorary car owner of this sedan. Sultan Ibrahim has always been keen on collecting famous cars.

On Friday (April 12), he said on Facebook that when Ouyang Yujing paid a visit, he presented a Hongqi L5 luxury sedan produced by China FAW Group. However, he did not specify in whose name the sedan was presented.

This retro-designed limousine is used by China’s top leaders during state and diplomatic events.

It is understood that the second-generation Hongqi L5 released in April last year was presented to Sultan Ibrahim. Hongqi L5 is known as China’s Rolls-Royce. If ordinary people want to buy it, they must undergo a background check.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China. Sultan Ibrahim mentioned on Facebook that he and Ouyang Yujing discussed the Malaysia-China bilateral relationship and current affairs topics. “Malaysia hopes to make good use of its own advantages to increase the volume of bilateral trade and strengthen technical exchanges, and expand exports to China… China is one of the world’s important major economic powers and a major trading partner of Malaysia. It is hoped that more Chinese companies will come to Malaysia to invest and create more employment opportunities for Malaysia.”

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