Jianghuai Automobile: Shifted to cooperation in areas such as battery swap with NIO

The market is concerned about NIO’s (09866) “going solo” trend. The Shanghai Securities News quoted a person in charge of Jianghuai Automobile as responding that Jianghuai Automobile and NIO will continue to cooperate, but at present, the cooperation will not be in the area of contract manufacturing, but in other areas, such as cooperation in the area of battery swap.

Earlier, local media reported that recently, a NIO user posted the content of picking up the car on social media, and the picture shows that the tail label of NIO’s new car has changed from “Jianghuai Automobile” to the word “NIO”. This means that NIO’s vehicle manufacturing qualification has been approved and the production line has been switched, and it no longer uses Jianghuai Automobile’s production qualification, and has begun to deliver products in the name of NIO.

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