Tesla models will have a one-month free trial of the FSD feature

On March 26, it was reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter today that all Tesla models in the US with the FSD system will have a one-month free trial of the FSD feature starting this week.

The Tesla FSD system, fully named Full Self-Drive, is defined on its official website as “full autonomous driving capability”. It is a paid automotive software service launched by Tesla in 2021 to assist users in driving.

Musk said that the development of FSD Beta is very rapid, and in the future, its safety will far exceed that of human drivers, reaching a level of 10 times the safety. Musk also said that in the future, FSD updates containing three important improvements will be pushed to users about every two weeks. In this way, by the end of April or early May, FSD will make a significant leap. The current price of this feature is $15,000, or it can be ordered according to two packages of $199/month and $99/month.

Earlier today, Musk sent a company-wide letter requiring Tesla employees to take customers for a “short test drive” with the FSD feature before delivering the car to North American buyers, which is a “mandatory requirement”. Although this move will slow down the delivery speed, Musk also requires employees to check the vehicle after completing the FSD demonstration.

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