Zeekr apologizes for an accident involving a Zeekr X at the auto show

According to reports from multiple media outlets, an unexpected accident occurred at the site of the 2024 Nanjing International New Energy Vehicle Exhibition. A Zeekr suddenly started and crashed into the crowd, causing multiple injuries.

Based on multiple videos and pictures, a Zeekr X at the auto show suddenly crashed into the BYD booth. Due to the sudden incident, many spectators were unable to dodge in time. Two or three spectators lay on the scene, including a child, and the taillights of the involved vehicle were lit.

This auto show was originally intended to showcase the technological charm and future development direction of new energy vehicles, but an accident turned the entire exhibition site into chaos. The crowd at the exhibition site crowded around and discussed in confusion.

In response to this accident, Zeekr issued a statement explaining the situation. On March 24, at an auto show in Nanjing, an unexpected start of a Zeekr X display vehicle occurred during a user experience, causing injuries to five spectators on the scene, and damage to vehicles on adjacent booths. After the incident, the organizer cleared the site to ensure safety. It has been confirmed that all five spectators are not in danger of life. Three of them have been discharged after examination, while the other two slightly injured are still in the hospital for further examination.

Regarding the cause of the accident, Zeekr stated that after self-inspection and confirmation, it was due to the failure of vehicle management during the exhibition. The display vehicle did not follow the regulations to enable the display vehicle mode, and was in the parking and comfort mode with the car key within the effective use range. Currently, Zeekr has urgently initiated a self-inspection of display vehicles across the country to avoid similar risks. We will learn from this incident, take it as a warning, and further strengthen internal operational management and personnel safety awareness training. Thank you for the concern and supervision of our users.

Display vehicle mode is a specific mode mainly used for vehicle display. In this mode, the power unit and air conditioning of the vehicle are disabled through software, but it does not affect the display of the large screen interaction and other functions of the vehicle, which can ensure the long-term static display of the vehicle. After the display vehicle mode is enabled, the vehicle will not be able to travel during the static display, and the high-voltage power output is disabled, which can maximize the safety of static display and avoid the vehicle moving during the display due to human misoperation. In addition, the function of the wheel lock is to lock the front wheel on the driver’s side, which can firmly lock the tires of the vehicle. The display vehicle mode is not limited to being enabled in the exhibition hall, and users can experience and understand the functions of the vehicle in a static display vehicle environment.

The Zeekr X is the third mass-produced vehicle under Zeekr Motors. It was launched in April 2023 and is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV. The current price range starts at 200,000 yuan, with the five-seat four-wheel drive and four-seat rear-wheel drive selling for 200,000 yuan, and the four-seat four-wheel drive selling for 220,000 yuan. In terms of power, the Zeekr X offers single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive models. The maximum power of the single-motor rear-wheel drive model is 200kW, and the CLTC range is 560 kilometers. The dual-motor model adds a front-wheel drive motor with a maximum power of 115kW on this basis, with a combined power of 315 kilowatts and a combined torque of 543 Newton meters. The 0-100 kilometer/h acceleration time is 3.7 seconds, and the CLTC range is 512 kilometers.

As a compact pure electric SUV, the Zeekr X will compete with models such as the Smart Elfin #1, Volkswagen ID.4 X/CROZZ, and Toyota bZ4X. It is understood that the price of the Smart Elfin #1 is 181,600-279,000 yuan, the price of the Volkswagen ID.4 X is 189,300-286,300 yuan, and the Toyota bZ4X starts at 199,800 yuan. Data shows that in 2023, the sales of the Zeekr X were 22,372 vehicles, while the Smart Elfin #1 was 33,899 vehicles, and the Volkswagen ID.4 (North and South Volkswagen) was 51,719 vehicles, and the Toyota bZ4X was 13,390 vehicles.

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