Tesla recalls 4,000 Cybertrucks in the US.

The US electric vehicle company Tesla recalled a batch of electric trucks Cybertruck that only began to be delivered last year, and the accelerator pedals of these trucks may have potential deficiencies.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US issued a statement saying that Tesla agreed to recall the Cybertrucks produced from November 13 last year to April 4 this year, because when the accelerator pedals of these vehicles are depressed hard, there may be a failure phenomenon, or it may lead to vehicle accidents. According to Reuters reports, about 4,000 vehicles are involved in the recall.

Tesla disclosed in March that it received the first complaint from the car owner, and received another complaint this month. After testing, Tesla agreed to voluntarily recall the involved vehicles.

Tesla said it believed that no Cybertruck had a collision due to related problems, and no one had suffered a casualty accident.

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