Tesla’s FSD drops the “BETA”, “FSD Beta” has been renamed “FSD (Supervised)”,

On April 1st, it was reported that Tesla’s three-year FSD Beta test plan seems to have ended. This change is reflected in the update notes of its 2024.3.10 version, which changed the original “FSD Beta” to “FSD (Supervised)”. Supervised means “supervised”. Although the change in name seems small, it reveals Tesla’s growing confidence in its autonomous driving suite.

“FSD (Supervised)” is placed in a prominent position in the update notes of version 2024.3.10. The update note mentions that “the FSD (Supervised) v12 update upgrades the urban road driving stack to a single end-to-end neural network, which is trained from millions of video clips, replacing over 300,000 lines of C++ code.

The updated terminology also appears in other parts of the Tesla version update:

FSD (Supervised) features allow your Tesla vehicle to travel almost anywhere under your supervision. It will perform lane changing operations, select forks indicated by the navigation route, bypass other vehicles and obstacles, and complete left and right turns. You and the persons you authorize still need to be extra cautious and stay focused. This feature does not allow your vehicle to drive completely automatically, so don’t be careless.

FSD (supervised) is enabled on your vehicle. To use this feature, pull the driving lever down once (applicable to Model 3 and Model Y) or press the right roller button once (applicable to Model S and Model X). You can disable FSD (supervised) in the Autopilot settings.

So far, the response to FSD (supervised) has been positive. Users in the US and Canada have reported achieving zero takeovers during driving on weekends. Some old users who have been using the FSD Beta beta since the end of October 2020 said that FSD (Supervised) v12.3 is the most powerful, reliable, and closest to the level of human drivers that Tesla has released to date.

Tesla is working hard to promote the FSD feature to new and old customers. Elon Musk has asked Tesla delivery centers to provide customers with a test drive experience of FSD (Supervised) v12.3.1 during the delivery process. In addition, Tesla recently launched a one-month free trial of FSD (Supervised) for customers in the US and Canada (including those who did not purchase FSD).

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