The delivery period of Xiaomi SU7 is extended, and some orders are scheduled to be delivered after half a year.

Xiaomi’s first electric vehicle, Xiaomi SU7, was officially launched recently. According to the Xiaomi Car App, the delivery time of SU7 has been extended, and some orders have been scheduled for about half a year.

According to domestic media reports, the standard version is expected to be delivered in 13 to 16 weeks after the locked order; the Pro version is expected to be delivered in 16 to 19 weeks, and the Max version will take 24 to 27 weeks for delivery.

It is reported that the standard version and Max version of SU7 are expected to start delivery one after another from the end of April, and the Pro version will be delivered from the end of May. The founder’s version is a existing car, and it will be officially delivered one after another from April 3.

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