XiaoMi SU7 is about to be listed! Lei Jun responds to multiple rumors.

XiaoMi’s first model, XiaoMi SU7, is about to be listed. With the arrival of the new car, there are more and more rumors about XiaoMi cars on the market. In response, Lei Jun, the founder of XiaoMi Cars, posted on his personal Weibo yesterday to respond to these rumors one by one.

Regarding the rumor that XiaoMi Cars has the right to purchase cars in priority for individual users, Lei Jun denied it, claiming that the official has no corresponding policy. It also stated that XiaoMi SU7 has not opened a blind booking channel, and any partner channels or individuals are prohibited from conducting blind booking and collecting deposits/deposits privately. At the same time, it is also stated that the official prohibits the collection of deposits/deposits for reservation for tasting and test drives, and the collection of personal information unrelated to test drive invitations. To ensure on-site experience, reservations and queuing will be adopted.

It is worth noting that since the debut of XiaoMi SU7, rumors about the price and listing time have emerged one after another. Earlier, the official also refuted these rumors. On March 13, Lei Jun once posted that the number of people who made reservations to visit the store for XiaoMi SU7 increased by more than 100,000 in one day. In addition, Lei Jun also pointed out that there are many public opinion storms in the automotive industry recently, and called on everyone to build a more benign and inclusive automotive market public opinion environment together. Regarding SU7, if you think it is good, please encourage more; if you think it is not good, welcome to point it out, and we will definitely listen carefully and strive to improve, but please be easy on it.

As XiaoMi’s first model, XiaoMi SU7 was unveiled and released on December 28 last year. The new car is positioned as a “C-class high-performance ecological technology sedan”, and the power provides dual-motor version and single-motor version models to choose from. For the new car, Lei Jun is very optimistic and once said: “XiaoMi Cars has performance indicators no less than Tesla Model S, and the three indicators of 0-100km/h acceleration, 100km/h-0 braking distance, and maximum speed are not behind. Lei Jun said that there is no accurate benchmarking vehicle for competitors. In terms of driving and other mechanical qualities, it is hoped to be comparable to Porsche Taycan Turbo. In terms of intelligence, it is equivalent to Tesla Model S.”

With the upcoming launch of Xiaomi SU7, the popularity of Xiaomi SU7 is also increasing. Regarding whether Xiaomi is confident in opening up the market, Lei Jun also said that he believes Xiaomi cars will definitely succeed. Of course, whether it will work in the end still depends on sales data.

Xiaomi announced its entry into the automotive field on March 30, 2021. At that time, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said: “Xiaomi Cars is the last major entrepreneurial project in my life. I am willing to bet on the reputation of my life, lead the team in person, and fight for Xiaomi Cars. It is expected to invest $10 billion in the next 10 years. In September 2021, Xiaomi Motors Co., Ltd. was officially established with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan. Lei Jun, the chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, serves as the legal representative. In November of the same year, the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone signed a contract with Xiaomi Technology, officially announcing that Xiaomi Cars was located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

After 3 years, Xiaomi Cars is finally about to be listed. Not only car owners are very concerned about Xiaomi SU7, even friends and businessmen are very concerned about the pricing of Xiaomi SU7. Yesterday, NIO officially announced that the second brand of NIO, Alps, was named Ledu. NIO CEO Li Bin said in the live streaming room that Ledu and Xiaomi Cars are in the same price range. We need to see how Xiaomi Cars is priced first, and then price Ledu. Ledu will be listed later, with a latecomer advantage.

Lei Jun previously said in an interview with the media that he was particularly worried that it would not be popular at the beginning, and no one would buy it. What he was more worried about was that if everyone came to buy it, they would have to wait for one or two years, and they would definitely be scolded. However, this concern of Lei Jun undoubtedly depends on the pricing of Xiaomi SU7. After all, most people hope that the pricing of Xiaomi’s first model will follow the popular route.

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