LI AUTO MEGA costs $80000! Li Xiang: It will definitely sell well.

Today, the first pure electric MPV of LI AUTO – Ideal MEGA was launched. The new car only launched one model, with a price of 559,800 yuan. The new car will be delivered on March 11. At the scene, Li Xiang said that MEGA will be the next blockbuster of LI AUTO and is confident to become the number one in sales above 500,000.

In terms of appearance, the front of the car adopts a unique drop-shaped design, the front face adopts a closed design, and the lower surround adopts a segmented structure. The through-type daytime running lights are used on both sides, and the star ring lights are located below the windshield, highlighting the technological feel of the vehicle. The taillights are equipped with slender through-type taillights, and the upper spoiler is integrated with the rear window line, and the logo is also integrated above the rear window, which greatly enhances the recognition of the vehicle. In terms of exterior color matching, it provides users with options such as gray metallic paint, silver metallic paint, panda white pearl paint, and elephant gray special edition pearl paint. Among them, the elephant gray special edition pearl paint is an optional color, and the price is 10,000 yuan. In terms of interior color, there are two options: white and coffee.

In terms of the body, the roof with a sloping back shape is matched with a large area of glass to make the vehicle look more powerful. The handles of the front and rear doors are designed in a hidden manner, and the doors are designed with sliding doors on the side. At the same time, steps and handrails are also set at the boarding position, which is convenient for the elderly and children to get on and off the car. The tail of the car is a converging tail, which greatly reduces the wind resistance coefficient. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5350/1965/1850mm, and the wheelbase is 3300mm. In terms of seat layout, a three-row and seven-seat layout is adopted. Among them, the second row is two independent seats, equipped with electric adjustment, heating and ventilation, 16-point massage, wireless charging board and other functions.

In terms of the interior: The overall style is simple, and the front row still uses a double-screen design, equipped with a 15.7-inch central control screen, a 15.7-inch co-pilot entertainment screen, and a 17-inch rear compartment entertainment screen. The vehicle system is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P high-performance version chip, supporting the whole vehicle without wake-up and simple response. In terms of smart configuration, it is equipped with 1 128-line lidar, 6 8-megapixel cameras, 1 2-megapixel camera, and 4 3-megapixel surround-view cameras. In terms of safety, it is standard with 9 airbags and side air curtains.

In terms of power: It adopts a dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system. The front axle uses an asynchronous motor with a maximum power of 155kW. The rear axle uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 245kW and a peak torque of 542N·m. In terms of the battery, it is equipped with CATL Kirin 5C batteries. The battery pack capacity is 102.7 kilowatts, and the CLTC pure electric cruising range is 710km. The power consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 15.9kWh, and the charging peak power reaches 520kW.

Ideal MEGA is the fourth model of LI AUTO and the first MPV model under its flag. From the perspective of the pure electric MPV market alone, Ideal MEGA’s competitors mainly include Xiaopeng X9, DENZA D9, Lantu Dreamer, and ZEEKR 009, but these models are far apart from the pricing of Ideal MEGA. In fact, Ideal MEGA mainly seizes the market of traditional MPVs, such as Mercedes-Benz V-Class / Vito, Toyota Alphard, and Buick Century. These models are behind in terms of intelligence, comfort/practicality, and the appearance of Ideal MEGA is likely to change the choices of these users.

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