LI Auto clarifies the parameter information and price of the LI Auto L6.

April 7, a piece of information regarding the relevant parameter configuration and price of the new medium-sized SUV model Ideal L6 of LI Auto was exposed online. The exposed information shows that the price of the Ideal L6 Pro version is 259,800 yuan, and the price of the Max version is 289,800 yuan. In response to the above-exposed information, the Ideal official responded to the media, saying: “The online guesses about the price are all false. We have not announced the price, please pay attention to the release of the L6.”

In addition, the exposed information also shows that the Ideal L6 is fully equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive, with a CLTC working condition range of 1,390km, using a front double wishbone independent suspension and a rear five-link independent suspension, and is equipped with a CDC continuous variable damping shock absorber.

It is worth mentioning that on April 6, the official Weibo of LI Auto also posted a message to clarify the untrue rumors about “Ideal L6 adopting the McPherson suspension structure” in recent times. LI Auto stated: The Ideal L6 adopts the front double wishbone and rear five-link suspension structure commonly used in luxury medium and large SUVs, with a minimum ground clearance of 180mm, which is 4mm higher than the 2024 Ideal L9/L8/L7 with standard air suspension.

Previously, official information and new car declaration information show that the Ideal L6 is a family-intelligent luxury 5-seat SUV within 300,000 yuan, positioned as a medium-sized 5-seat SUV, and produced by Beijing LI Auto Co., Ltd. In this clarification blog post, LI Auto pointed out: “The Ideal L6 is a completely forward-developed new product, which is a luxury medium and large 5-seat SUV specially created for young families.” It is understood that the Ideal L6 is built on LI Auto’s second-generation extended-range platform. LI Auto officially stated that the vehicle has been developed for three years, with an investment of more than 2 billion yuan, and a new production line has been created for the vehicle. The production line is located in the original Changzhou production base of Ideal ONE, which also produces Ideal L9/L8/L7 at the same time.

Currently, the Ideal L6 has appeared in the new car declaration picture catalog, and previously, the official also released an official picture of the car for attention. Combining the new car’s declaration pictures and official pictures, in terms of the appearance, the Ideal L6 adopts a family-style design style, with a closed mid-net design on the front face, and is matched with LED split-type headlights on both sides. The upper part is a through-type daytime running light, and the lower part on both sides is the front headlight group. The front bumper is designed with a large-sized smoked black heat dissipation port, and the design style is different from that of the Ideal L7. The body side, the Ideal L6 has a square shape and adopts a hidden door handle. The frame is surrounded by a surround-type chrome trim, which looks more fashionable as a whole. In terms of size, the length, width, and height of the Ideal L6 are respectively 4925/1960/1735mm, and the wheelbase is 2920mm. Compared with the Ideal L7, its length, width, and height are respectively 5050/1995/1750mm, and the wheelbase is 3005mm, and the Ideal L6 is obviously smaller. The rear part, the rear of the Ideal L6 is round and full, and the taillights are designed in a through-type, and the exhaust is a hidden layout, making the vehicle look more concise.

In terms of the interior, it is expected that the overall layout of the central console of Ideal L6 is consistent with that of Ideal L7, and the overall design style is simple, with a floating dual-screen design that runs through the co-pilot, the central control screen mainly focuses on driving information, and the co-pilot screen mainly focuses on entertainment information, while driving-related information is on the display screen above the steering wheel.

In terms of power, Ideal L6 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder engine as the range extender system, with a maximum power of 113 kilowatts, and has front and rear dual motors as the main power source. The battery providers still come from CATL and XINWANGDA. It is expected to be the same as the Air version and Pro version of L8. However, the Ideal L6 declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is the lithium iron phosphate battery version, and it is currently unclear whether there will be a ternary lithium battery version in the future.

Currently, Ideal Motors has four models under its banner, including the Ideal L9 at 400,000-500,000 yuan, the Ideal L8 and Ideal L7 at 300,000-400,000 yuan, and the Ideal MEGA at 550,000 yuan. This year will be a major year for Ideal Motors’ products, and it will launch including 4 range-extended models and 4 pure electric models. Among them, the Ideal L6 is the fourth model in Ideal Motors’ range-extended series and can be regarded as a smaller version of the Ideal L7, with a price within 300,000 yuan, which is the first model under 300,000 yuan of Ideal Motors.

If nothing unexpected happens, the Ideal L6 may be launched after the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, with an expected monthly sales volume of more than 20,000 units. Ideal Motors’ CEO, Li Xiang, once stated that Ideal Motors will not release models under 200,000 yuan in the next five years, which also means that the prices of the new cars launched within the year are all above 200,000 yuan.

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