Chinese automotive media Reviews evaluated for Xiaomi SU7 electric vehicles: unanimously recommended

Since Lei Jun announced that he was going to build cars, the matter of Xiaomi building cars has received much attention. Since the first model of Xiaomi Motors, SU7, was launched on March 28, the market’s enthusiasm for Xiaomi Motors has only increased, frequently appearing on Weibo’s trending search. In addition to the continuous increase in online popularity, the offline popularity is also very popular. According to several Xiaomi store staff, the number of interviews in a single day at the store is nearly 10,000 person-times, and it is already normal to queue up for test drives until 2 or 3 in the morning.

It is understood that Xiaomi SU7 was launched on March 28, and the new car is positioned as a medium and large pure electric sedan, with a total of 3 models launched. Among them, the standard version is priced at 215,900 yuan, equipped with a single motor, 5.28s zero-to-hundred acceleration, and a CLTC cruising range of 700 kilometers. The Xiaomi SU7 Pro version is priced at 245,900 yuan. The difference between the Pro version and the standard version is the addition of a 20.7kWh battery, laser radar, and Xiaomi Smart Drive Max urban NOA. The Xiaomi SU7 Max version is priced at 299,900 yuan. Its performance and handling are stronger than the previous two versions, with a 2.78s zero-to-hundred acceleration, a top speed of 265km/h, and a cruising range of 800km CLTC.

This car was directly popular in the market as soon as it was launched. Official data shows: After the launch conference, Xiaomi SU7 opened for reservations, and the new car was booked in 4 minutes, breaking 20,000 in 7 minutes, and breaking 50,000 in 27 minutes. The number of bookings on the first day was 88,898. As of yesterday, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun revealed that the number of large bookings for Xiaomi SU7 since its launch has exceeded 100,000.

It has to be said that such a large booking result is unprecedented in the automotive industry. Of course, the automotive industry is concerned that Xiaomi SU7 can be so popular and has a certain relationship with Xiaomi Group’s early reputation and user accumulation in the mobile phone, smart home appliances and other industries. In addition, it is closely linked to Xiaomi’s marketing strategy and price. As the founder of Xiaomi Motors, Lei Jun not only has his own traffic halo but also has strong personal connections. Just the launch conference of Xiaomi SU7 alone invited several leaders of car companies to support it.

In addition, before the launch of the new car, Xiaomi’s official and Lei Jun have not announced less about Xiaomi SU7, and the content about Xiaomi SU7 can often be seen on Weibo’s trending search. In the price section that the public pays attention to, Lei Jun has also made a lot of groundwork, and compared with Porsche and Tesla many times, making the public feel that the price is not cheap. In this way, when the price is announced, it is naturally more easily accepted by the public. In the first batch of deliveries to owners, Lei Jun also went to great lengths, even opening the car door for the owners, making the first batch of owners praise the full sense of ceremony.

Today, Xiaomi Motors announced the evaluation of the first batch of media on Xiaomi SU7 on Weibo. From the official released automotive media, they are all well-known automotive media in China, including Autohome, Dǒng Che Di, Yiche, Pacific Automotive, Tencent Auto, NetEase Auto, Sohu Auto, and New Mobility.

AutoHome appraises Xiaomi SU7: This is not the performance that the first product of a car should have, even in all the electric cars driven in China, its performance is definitely one of the best. Intelligent cockpit, definitely the first tier. If you are a user of Xiaomi’s ecosystem, the experience is even directly full.

Dongchedi: Xiaomi Motors is indeed seriously building its first car, which meets the performance needs of performance car enthusiasts and allows the vast majority of consumers to drive easily and comfortably. It is definitely not boring to drive.

YiChe: Handling, comfort, and intelligence are representatives of domestic car brands.

PCAuto: The appearance is very individual, not following the trend; the ease of driving is among the best in cars with the same hardware quality; in terms of intelligent ecology, the expandability and playability are also very high. In general, it is a car full of details and surprises.

Tencent Auto: The biggest difference between SU7 and other domestic electric cars is that the throttle response is very fast. For a sports sedan, this is very valuable; the steering is very accurate, pointing wherever you want, and the body follows very well.

NetEase Auto: This is a car that is quite easy to drive and makes you feel very enjoyable. It is not just piling up materials, but through effective integration, to create a respected work.

Sohu Auto: After being a car media, my enthusiasm for cars has indeed decreased a lot, and few cars can make me excited, but Xiaomi SU7 is such a car.

New Travel: In the intelligent cockpit section, it has systematically considered light interaction, human factor safety, and heavy application, and based on the surging OS, it has considered the future expandability and application compatibility; Xiaoai voice in-vehicle, Mijia device interconnection is very perfect, bringing a 0-delay, 0-level interaction experience.

From the evaluations of several media, they are all very optimistic about Xiaomi SU7. So, how do you view Xiaomi SU7?

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