GAC Aion announced its entry into Indonesia, the largest automotive market in Southeast Asia

On April 2, it was reported that GAC Aion announced today that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with INDOMOBIL Group in Indonesia, marking its official entry into the largest automotive market in Southeast Asia, further solidifying GAC Aion’s “Thailand + Indonesia” dual-factory strategic layout.

It is reported that INDOMOBIL Group’s business covers many fields such as vehicle manufacturing and auto finance. Its parent company, Trisilicon Group, is the top three conglomerates in Indonesia, which will provide support for GAC Aion’s development in Indonesia.

According to the cooperation plan between the two parties, GAC Aion will carry out cooperation with INDOMOBIL Group in the fields of vehicle manufacturing, auto sales services and finance, energy ecology, travel market, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

IT Home found that GAC Aion has made significant progress in the ASEAN markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines in the Southeast Asian market. It has also invested in building its first overseas manufacturing base in Thailand.

GAC Aion said that its globalization strategy is being accelerated, and in the future, it will further accelerate the pace of its global layout, build global production and sales bases in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and other places, and popularize high-end smart electric vehicles to the world.

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