The founder of HiPhi Auto equity is frozen and starts live-streaming marketing.

Tianyancha information shows that the founder of HiPhi Automobile, Ding Lei, has added a new equity freeze information. The information shows that the amount of this freeze is 1 million yuan, and the enterprise whose equity is enforced is Shanzhihe (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd. The freeze period is three years, from March 5, 2024 to March 4, 2027.

It is worth mentioning that relevant information shows that the enterprise whose equity is enforced, Shanzhihe (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd., was established in June 2017. Ding Lei is the legal representative and executive director of the company. The company and Shanghai Zejuehui Enterprise Management Partnership (Limited Partnership) jointly hold 20% of the shares of Human Horizons Holding Co., Ltd.

In fact, since HiPhi Automobile announced the shutdown and production for 6 months in February, news such as the freezing of HiPhi Automobile’s equity and being listed as a person subject to enforcement has followed. On February 20, HiPhi (Qingdao) Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. was listed as a person subject to enforcement by the court, with the executive target being more than 14.78 million yuan. In addition, in the past few days, Human Horizons (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd. has also added three new equity freeze information. From the content of the freeze information, the total amount of the three equity freezes exceeds 8.67 million yuan.

Previously, the founder of HiPhi, Ding Lei, once said that HiPhi only has three months. Nearly a month has passed so far. From the existing information, HiPhi still has not gotten out of the predicament. Although HiPhi has not laid down at the moment, Ding Lei also visited Changan Automobile in person last month, suspected of seeking cooperation. At that time, there was news in the market that Changan Automobile might acquire 51% of the shares of HiPhi.

Recently, there have been no more news about the cooperation between the two sides, which may mean that there is great uncertainty about this cooperation.

To this end, Gaohoo Auto launched the live-streaming model to save itself in March. Yang Yueqing of Gaohoo Auto said in the live-streaming room that “all the income from live-streaming will be used for first-line after-sales, so that owners can be guaranteed.” Although many owners are pleased that the income from the official live-streaming will be invested in the first-line after-sales, it is still difficult for Gaohoo Auto to get out of the trouble just by live-streaming. After all, the current live-streaming craze is slowly cooling down, and it is still difficult to obtain a considerable amount of funds in a short period of time.

In addition, Gaohoo Auto has recently encountered not only the above-mentioned troubles, but also was sued by its peer Faraday Future at the beginning of the month. On March 5, Faraday Future officially posted that it sued Gaohoo Auto and its founder Ding Lei on the grounds of infringing trade secrets and unfair competition. Regarding the lawsuit against Gaohoo Auto, Jia Yueteng responded that this lawsuit was based on long-term investigation and evidence collection and preparation. Of course, Gaohoo Auto and its founder Ding Lei also responded positively to the lawsuit from Faraday Future.

However, against the background of the suspension of production of Gaohoo Auto, it has been continuously reported that the equity has been frozen, the obligee, and sued. Under so many legal disputes, it is not easy for Gaohoo Auto to obtain the integration of external funds. At this stage, the competition in new energy vehicles is becoming increasingly fierce. Gaohoo Auto is deeply mired in a financial crisis and does not have enough funds to support it. Perhaps there is not much time left for it.

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